Base 2000 - Covid 19

Due to the current Covid pandemic extra precautions are to be taken whilst using Base 2000.

Consideration must be given to the Social distancing restrictions, which will serverely restrict the hall's capacity, ie, Large hall capacity limited to a maximum of 24 persons and small hall to a maximum of 12 persons with the present 2 meter distancing restrictions.

A cleaning check sheet is also provided and expected to be completed. To provide protection to your own group, columns are provided to check off before and after the use of the hall. For your own and your users protection, assume that cleaning was not sufficiently completed by the previoius group.

A general risk assessment for the building only is provided below. You are expected to provide a copy of your own Covid 19 risk assessment, specific to your groups own requirements.

Users should be encouraged to use the NHS track and trace app. A list of contact information should be kept for all users


pdf iconAdditional conditions of use of Base 2000 during Covid-19 pandemic

pdf iconBase 2000 Hall cleaning checksheet

pdf iconRisk Assessment Base 2000 hall use(non scout)


Further guidance on the safe use of multi-purpose community facilities can be found on the Goverment website


Guidance for the safe use of multi-purpose community facilities


If you require futher information about the extra precautions do feel free to contact us.

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